Stats That Amaze!

As I commented yesterday, that a team could get only 4 runs on 18 hits – including 13 hits between 3 guys – is simply amazing. How amazing? Well, according the Orioles pro blogger Britt Ghiroli (Britt’s Bird Watch …, it is even more rare than I imagined.

It has, in fact, happened only 23 times in the last 65 years! And nobody around Birdland will be surprised to hear that the Orioles did it once before in 2003.

Britt also shares this – “According to ESPN’s research, the Orioles had three players (Nick Markakis, Adam Jones, Derrek Lee) record at least four hits, and yet none of them managed to drive in a run. … Since RBI became an official stat in 1920, they are the first team to ever have three players with 4+ hits and 0 RBI in the same game.”

Yep, it is a record setting year! But on a positive note, Nick Markakis continues his consecutive series hitting streak, and it is now at 162. Last night was also the 14th 4-hit game in his career. Concerning the streak, I read where the NY Daily News called it “a streak we can’t get excited about.” The reason for that is that you are in NYC and are likely a bunch of leftist, loonie losers!

As I wrote before, I have my own system of tracking the three major components of the team: hitting, starting pitching, relief pitching – assigning points to each for each game. I believe my system answers the question as to what part of the team is to get the credit or blame for total wins or losses. I confess that a fourth component is missing in this analysis – defense – and is occasionally a major contributory cause toward winning or losing games.

But just think about last night’s game (Friday 6/17) and try to analyze what cost the team the game.

  1. Starting Pitching? Well, Britton has been better at times, but he only gave up one earned run in that crazy 5th inning.
  2. Relief Pitching? Yes… there is a good bit of blame to assign here. However, the Orioles never scored again after the relievers came into the game.
  3. Offense? Again – such a weird game. May we blame a team that has 18 hits in only 9 innings?? Yes – when they only get 4 runs out of it!
  4. Defense? Absolutely to blame on this occasion!  That throwing error of Reynolds was the key play of the game determinative toward the outcome.
  5. Summary… I don’t track defense, since honestly, it is only a determinative factor probably once in every 20-25 games. So, I’m going to split the blame for this loss between the offense for not taking advantage of opportunities, and the relievers for letting the game get away.

So… here is a total summary to date of the blame/credit categories of analysis. Remember, there are three points for every game to be divided either equally between the three parts of the team (1), to be split half and half (1.5), or to be gained or lost completely (3). And here then is a summary of the whole season thus far through 6/17…

Point Summary – after 67 games

                               Credit              Blame             Differential

Starters             +37.0               -31.0                =(+6.0)

Relievers         +26.5               -28.0                =(-1.5)

Offense              +29.5               -49.0                =(-19.5)

Total                     93                      108

Here, as illustration, are the last 10 games …

(code: S = starters / R = relievers / O = offense / T = team)

Date            Opponent        W/L Score   Credit               Blame

6/6            Athletics           W 4-2              T

6/7            Athletics           W 4-0              T

6/8            Athletics           W 3-2              T

6/10         Rays                    W 7-0              T

6/11          Rays                    L 5-7 (11)                              R

6/12         Rays                     L 6-9                                       S

6/14         Blue Jays           L 5-6 (11)                              T

6/15         Blue Jays           L 1-4                                       O

6/16         Blue Jays           W 4-3              T

6/17         Nationals          L 4-8                                       R,O


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