Reynolds Hitting Just In Time?

Or maybe it should be said of Mark Reynolds that it is about time! Whatever – homers and doubles in each of the two wins over the Red Sox give O’s fans the hope that a sleeping giant is awakening.

Or maybe Reynolds is hearing some distant footsteps! The word that is out and about the past day or two is that Duquette is likely signing Miguel Tejada to some sort of minor league / tryout type of deal. Is the front office getting a bit nervous about the slow start of Reynolds? … or of the numbers of balls he does not catch, or if he catches, then throws wildly across the diamond?

I for one don’t have a huge desire to see the 3rd coming of Tejada to Baltimore. Some positives can be stated, but I believe the negatives outweigh them. For a fuller opinion on this subject, I refer you to an article I did on this subject for the Fansided Network blog for which I write, called …. The Link:

Well, Saturday was certainly another great day for the Orioles – beating the Red Sox 8-2 and going to 4-1 on this six-game road trip. Some of the stats for the Birds are rather amazing – such as having the very best bullpen in all of baseball. The starters are rolling out one quality start after another, and the homers and come from behind wins are simply fantastic.

But there are some other stats that are not so good – base stealing and defense, for example.

For a more detailed look at the good and the not so good numbers about the Orioles, check out my article at:

And if you missed my nostalgic tribute to Frank Robinson, you can see it at:

This following of a winning team is a lot fun. I could get used to this!


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